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As a sports team organization that has enjoyed unprecedented success and recognition for more than 15 years, the Sioux Falls Storm Football Club feels a very strong obligation to transfer that Championship tradition and magic it creates with the fans toward the bigger purpose of making a difference in the community.

The logo was designed by Michael Mazourek at Lawrence & Schiller here in Sioux Falls. The mission behind the development of the "Taken By Storm" Community Fund is to distribute the charitable dollars each year gained through its team related fundraising promotions completely back into the local and area neighborhoods! In addition, the club will look to support grant applications in the areas of youth football sports, physical fitness activities, education, health, music, dance and the arts, as well as critical causes important to our community.

Quinn Pesicka Night, Sioux Falls StormWith a strong focus on children's charities and underserved youth, the Storm's new outreach program wants to raise the bar as a "teammate" to the communities in-and-around Sioux Falls! Even though Storm Players, Coaches and Lightning Girls Cheer team members devote much of their day-to-day lives on the practice field and at off-site training facilities, the team's willingness to take time for the community needs is never lacking whether it's to shake hands with a child or converse with those battling the unimaginable.

Our goal for the Storm organization today and in the years ahead is to set the standard for all area sports teams, to be the leader in charitable giving, and after every appearance or event, to leave each person with a lasting impact.

The impact of the new "Taken By Storm" Community Fund was put on display right away during the 2015 season when the Storm Organization raised and distributed approximately $126,639.22 in cash donations alone to a wide variety of charities and personal causes in our local neighborhoods.

Thank you for your Cheers!

The Sioux Falls Storm Football Club

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