Rich Roste

Rich Roste, voice of Sioux Falls Storm

Rich Roste is an award-winning broadcaster and a 36-year veteran behind the radio microphone. He has served as the 'voice' for the Sioux Falls Storm during each of the team's first 15 seasons of Indoor Football play. There's not too many people in the sports world that can wave two hands at once and have a championship ring covering every single finger! Yes, Rich has described the play-by-play for all eight of the Storm's championship seasons to date!

His play calling is legendary. He has no peer in the IFL, so much so, that Rich became not only the first broadcaster inducted into the league's new Hall of Fame, but he also was part of the very first class that was enshrined by the IFL during the 2014 season. Known for years as 'The Silver Fox' and for his signature call "Holy Help Me Hannah" of which he will use when describing a spectacular play that leads to a touchdown or a goal-line stand by the Storm.

Synonymous with the Sioux Falls franchise and impeccable with his call of the game, Rich has only missed five Storm games throughout his broadcast career. But sportscasting is not Rich's profession but rather a wonderful hobby. He is a licensed funeral director and for twenty-five years, owned the Roste Funeral Home in Rock Rapids, Iowa and through the years added funeral homes in five other communities. Rich and his wife, Sue, sold their funeral home operations and retired in 2005.

Rich is active at Celebrate Community Church in Sioux Falls where he has acted in and directed Celebrate's production of "The Living Last Supper", voiced videos and has written and narrated many short stories that the church has produced into two audio CD's, "Celebrate the Heart" and "Celebrate Patriotism".

A native of Sacred Heart, MN, Rich graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Mortuary Science. While at the U of M, Rich was a successful walk-on with the Golden Gophers football team before an injury ending his playing career. Rich and Sue have been married since 1989 and are residents of Harrisburg, SD. Rich has four married daughters and he and Sue love spending time with the six grandchildren.

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