Coins and Collectables, Sioux FallsThe Official Storm game night Coin Toss ceremony is sponsored by Coins & Collectibles at The Empire Mall.

Every Indoor Football League game starts with a Coin Toss. The team captains from each team come to the center of the field, where the referee holds a coin. One player from the visiting team gets to call "heads" or "tails". If that player calls the toss correctly, his team gets to choose one of two privileges:

  • Team receives the kickoff: Generally, teams want to start the game on offense and have the opportunity to score as early as possible. They are known as the receiving team. The referee, swinging his leg in a kicking motion, then points to the other team's captains as the kicking team.

  • Team defers the kickoff: The team that wins the coin toss can defer and choose to kickoff first. If this happens, the team will automatically receive the ball to start the second half of the game.

The Storm will choose one person at each home game to receive the honor from the referee to serve as the Official Coin Toss representative. Usually the individual is chosen by the Storm's Game Night Sponsor or presented to a special dignitary, if present.

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